Some information about us

I began photographing in 1977 using a Nikon F2 Photomic .   F2photomicBig

About 10 years ago I bought my first digital camera.  I loved not being restricted with how many shots I could take.  When I first started out, I was limited to 24 or 36 “exposures,” and today, the sky is the limit!

I started with a pocket Canon point-n-shoot then moved to a G7.   CanonG7_specsview

The G7 allowed me to have control of my photographs.  I could adjust the shutter speed and/or the aperture.  It was wonderful!

In 2009, I got the Nikon D700 with some great lenses.


In 2010 I entered the wonderful world of video.

I got into film editing with Final Cut ProX and editing has become a passion.  It is the perfect marriage between technology and creativity.  I’m now completely immersed in the digital world and I love it.
I am a small company doing a lot of digital work.  My typical customer has me creating a few videos for their website or YouTube channel.
I am a videographer, photographer, and can make animated logos.  I help write, film and edit a video which explains, sells or communicates your product or message to your employees and customers.

David Mimms
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